15″ High Intricately Carved Majestic Statue of Green Tara


This is a master piece partly Gold Plated 15 inches High Tibetan Green Tara Statue.

This statue has everything done under pure perfection. The fourth generation artist has invested a huge amount of talent and time making this intricately carved and skillfully made statue.

Here Green Tara is resplendent with her luxuriant diadem, earrings and ornamental bangles. She is swathed in a highly detailed dhoti and the soft folds and intricate borders of her blouse (choli) bring her lithe body to life.

The luxuriously detailed carvings of floral motifs on her dhoti, the Dharma Chakra and swans are the prestine work of a master craftsmen.

Green Tara is in the position of elegant repose in royal ease: her right foot resting on an extended lotus. Her left hand in the jhana mudra, the gesture of teaching, compliments her right hand which is elegantly arched in the varada mudra the gesture of giving. Two lotuses rise from each of her hands. Her body is youthful and sumptuous, representative of that delightful aspect of Tara which is wisdom, compassion and strength expressed in the form of an eternally young 16 year-old girl. This is an exceptional piece which beautifully expresses the eternal beauty and resonant power of the embodied Goddess.

Handmade in Nepal.
Free Expedited shipment(Delivers in 4-6 business days)

Blessing or consecration ceremony is also done on request. Small sum as donation needs to be paid to the monastery.

Size: 23cm L X 20 cm B X 38cm H / 9″L X 8″B X 15″H
Weight: 5175grams

Free Expedited shipment via DHL/FEDEX, UPS, TNT or Aramex.